According to, at last count there were 189,061 registered charities in the UK.

Paradoxically, for a sector that is all about compassion and caring, charities are ferociously competitive - especially when it comes to marketing.

Whilst there is some quite brilliant charity marketing out there, much of it uses the same technique of shock tactics and emotional blackmail.

And that’s when Compassion Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) sets in.

There’s only so much distress, heartache and upset we can take, so we retreat from harrowing messages.

Avoiding CFS was our primary aim when we started working with a charity client of ours, the Macular Society.

Macular Disease, although widespread, is a little known eyesight condition, which deprives those affected of much of their central vision.

The Macular Society helps people with Macular Disease with support strategies to live their lives fully, and funds research to find a cure.

They do brilliant and laudable work, but again it’s very distressing stuff, so how could we tell this story without turning people off?

We created ‘Mac’, and with the help of Oscar®-winning Aardman Animations, made ‘Gloria’s Mac’ an animated film to explain what Macular Disease is all about.

Unbeknown to us there’s an organisation called Animation Therapy, which uses animation to help people cope with difficult, sometimes traumatic, situations in their lives, and they hosted an event called ‘Animation on prescription’ at this year’s Encounters short film festival in Bristol.

We were flattered to be asked to screen ‘Gloria’s Mac’ as a great example of achieving the above.

‘Gloria’s Mac’ also appeared as a 30 sec TV commercial as part of a regional awareness multi-channel test campaign, resulting in increasing awareness of Macular Disease by 15%.

We were very pleased about that, as indeed was our client.

Overcoming CFS, or indeed any other barrier to getting your message across better than your competitors, requires thinking smarter.

It’s what we do every day, and if you’d like us to do it for you we’d love to hear from you.

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