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A guest post by Alistair Bryan

Unless you have been hidden away on a desert island it will have been hard not to have heard mention or seen The Blue Planet 2.  The stunning visuals and the amazing footage have had us salivating.

The start of the show’s initial marketing used the collaboration of Hans Zimmer and Radiohead.  It would have built excitement there and then, but when coupled with such a Titan of the visual world it reached fever point.

And rightfully so.

And yes we loved the bird-eating fish and the dolphins playing in the surf. But rather than look at that…which don’t get us wrong was totally amazing….we thought there was much to learn from Hans Zimmer about how you collaborate.

Bird eating fish.jpg

First of all Radiohead’s Bloom track was already well known and loved and let’s face it they are both big stars.  So how do you go about collaborating in those circumstances?

They both had some interesting thoughts on it that we think are important for any collaboration:

1.  Be aligned

Well I know that sounds a bit obvious, but aligned around the cause and common goal.  They both believed that the environmental impact that the seas were undergoing was incredibly important.  They shared the same hopes of love of oceans and wanted to understand our relationships to them. So they wanted that to be the goal.

Blue Planet 2.jpg

2.  Take time

Hans Zimmer took time to understand the track and its strength.  Only then did he start to think about it as a soundtrack.  As Rolling Stone said The new "Bloom" strips away the song's driving bass line and discombobulating percussion, focusing instead on a disparate piano melody, an undercurrent of strings and Thom Yorke's vocal.”

Or perhaps better said by Mr Zimmer as, "In a funny way, I was trying to be respectful and not ruin the song, if you know what I mean.”


3.  Make time

They made time to collaborate – unstructured time together to better work together and understand what they wanted to achieve.  This allowed interactions, sharing and an instinctive relationship grew from it.

Blue Planet 2_1.jpg

4.  Remember inspiration fuels inspiration

Yes between the people.  Yes between the art.  But also strangely in a circular manner as the original Bloom track had been inspired by the original Blue Planet series.

Blue Planet 2_5.jpg

5.  Enjoy and embrace it

Being collaborative is more than being polite it’s also about having fun, experiencing new things and learning from others.  Zimmer says it best “Working with Thom, Jonny and the boys has been a wonderful diversion and it’s given me an interesting peek into their musical world. They’ve been incredible to work with.”

Blue Planet 2_4.jpg

So there you are …. a few pointers from Hans and Radiohead to you and us to help fuel great collaborations.

Thanks Alistair!

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