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Caroline x Aardman


If you’ve not yet had a look around our website, you might not know that we work with a tremendous charity, The Macular Society. The charity supports people with macular degeneration, the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK, it also funds research to find a cure for what can be a devastating condition.

We created Mac the macula to help explain what macular degeneration is and the affect it can have on those who experience it.

We know our campaigns have had a great impact on awareness through TV, radio, social media and DM but then there are those smaller moments in time that underpin that success, like when our colleague took a trip to his local optician…

While he was waiting to be seen, he picked up a Macular Society flyer and mentioned to the optician that he worked with the team at Caroline that had created Mac.

The optician recalled our film, created with Aardman Animations, immediately and said how pleased he was that he now had a story to show and tell that clearly explained the condition to people with macular disease and to their family and friends who support them.

And only last week, a colleague received an email from Contact the Elderly who had been shown our more recent film, also produced by Aardman Animations, in a regional meeting.

"I learnt a lot", she said  "and it is relevant as so many of our guests have macular degeneration.  The film “Have you heard of Mac the Macula?” is brilliant, and helps you understand what it is all about in just a few minutes."

It’s breakthrough moments like this, that we strive for.

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