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Caroline x Salt Digital

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As you know here at Caroline, collaboration is key to how we work. Anyone here can have an idea and we pull together the best team to make the best ideas come to life. Which is what happened earlier this year as part of our awareness campaign for Macular Society.

Many people haven’t heard of macular degeneration, and not everyone who has understands how it can impact on your vision. When you have macular degeneration, blind spots appear in and obscure your central vision – sadly they’re a permanent fixture. The condition can be managed but the spots will never really go away – Macular Society is dedicated to funding research to find a cure.

To communicate what this can mean for someone with macular degeneration, Helen, our group head of client services had the idea to disrupt our target audience’s online journey by stopping them in their tracks with a blind spot that appeared on screen and grew to obscure the page in view, before viewing the awareness film we created with Aardman Animations.

We're a small team that beefs up when the job requires and we regularly collaborate with Salt Digital to produce innovative digital content that works hard for our clients.

Together, this is what we produced:

It worked harder than any other digital format that ran within the campaign.

Expanding on this, on Monday this week (18th September) Channel 4 ran five commercials with different visual filters applied to them so viewers could understand how their eyes would be affected by the most common eye conditions in the UK.

The conditions demonstrated were macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes and glaucoma.

This commercial break was launched for National Eye Health Week promoting the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all.

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